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Last modified: December 2010

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AHELP for CIAO 4.3 Sherpa v1


Context: saving


Save every command typed in a Sherpa or ChIPS session to a file.


script([filename="sherpa.log", clobber=False])


The script function saves every command typed in a Sherpa session to the file specified in the 'filename' argument; by default, the file "sherpa.log" is used. Note that this command saves only the existing history of the session - i.e., everything typed up until the script command is called - and does not log new commands.

The script command is also available in ChIPS. In that program, the default filename is "chips.log".

  • filename - the name of the file to write; default = sherpa.log
  • clobber - Boolean to specify if existing 'filename' should be overwritten; default = False

Example 1

sherpa> script("sherpa_session1.log", clobber=False)

This command will record *everything* typed at the command line in a Sherpa session to the file "sherpa_session1.log", unless this filename already exists in the current working directory.

Setting clobber=True overwrites "sherpa_session1.log":

sherpa> script("sherpa_session1.log")
IOError: script file sherpa_session1.log exists and clobber is not set.

sherpa> script("sherpa_session1.log", True)

Example 2

sherpa> script()

When issued with no arguments, the 'script' command writes to "sherpa.log"; clobber is turned off by default.

sherpa> script()      # sherpa.log created

sherpa> script()
IOError: script file sherpa.log exists and clobber is not set.


See the bugs pages on the Sherpa website for an up-to-date listing of known bugs.

See Also

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Last modified: December 2010
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