Radiation Count Rate Plots for Periods Which Interrupted Science Runs

Last Updated: 2023-03-08

The following plots are:

around science runs were interrupted. Plots start two days before the interruption started, and end 5 days after. If the interruption period is longer than 5 days, the plots are extended accordingly. By click one of the plots, you can open the page displaying more information about that event.

If a plot is noted with "auto", the science run was automatically interrupted because the high radiation tripped one of the criteria. If it is noted with "manual", it was done by an operator's judgement.

Note: Data points in 2000 Data are one hour average. All others are 5 min average. Plots after 2011 are siginficatlly different. Montoring of P4 and P41 were discontinued after year 2006 and replaced by e150 and e1500. After year 2014, they are again replaced by HRC shield rate.

GOES data srouces chnaged from GOES 11 to GOES 15 at year 2000, and to GOES R after year 2020.

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