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Last modified: 8 December 2023


Sherpa Models

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The models available in Sherpa are listed below. The full list may be accessed within Sherpa using the list_models() command.

Sherpa models

Sherpa optical models

The following Sherpa models are designed for use with spectra or SEDs at optical wavelengths, which means that where relevant, position, line width, and other similar model parameters have units of Angstroms.

Models from XSPEC

Sherpa 4.16 includes the "additive", "multiplicative", and "convolution" models of XSpec version 12.13.1e. The XSpec model names have the prefix "xs", e.g. XSpec phabs model is called "xsphabs"; see "ahelp xs" for general information on the XSpec models in Sherpa.

The load_xstable_model function is used to read in XSPEC table models.

Other models

Models can also be created using Python code with the commands load_user_model and add_user_pars, or the add_model function which is used to add a model class to Sherpa (in which case the model behaves like the in-built Sherpa models.

XSPEC table models can be converted using the convert_xspec_user_model script.